In today’s world we are so pressurized with our busy schedule that we tend to forget some very crucial events and deeds of our life. These events if looked carefully, define who we are and why we are.

Conexus aims to provide opportunity for individuals to come online with “icontribute” and make a contribution to fulfil their social intent. The amount you contribute could be less than a train ticket from Mumbai to Delhi to the maximum you wish.

The interactive online portal has a list of causes, events and programs which you could choose from. You may want to feed poor children on your birthday or provide clothes to Brahmans on a dear ones death anniversary. We will complete the cause on your behalf or you can join in to do it yourself. In any case the end result would be you would have touched lives and created smiles

Our transparent culture ensures that you receive frequent updates/feedbacks in the form of emails, reports and visuals (images and videos). You will also know the exact amount spent on managing the task and on the cause.

“Icontribute” portal will be accessible to all around the world who would like to do any kind of social activity in India.

You can start building your Personal Social Equity today by visiting www.icontribute.in