Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you an incident that happened some years ago, when I was heading Pfizer India, a leading Pharmaceutical company. Pfizer India, had been supporting Women Self Help Groups at many locations in Haryana for over 6 years. With the guidance of our team, these Women Self Help Groups secured an impressive savings of around 3 crores and had embarked on a journey to self-sufficiency.

To celebrate this resounding success, 3000 women from over 100 villages, had put up a special performance at the annual program. In appreciation of the company’s efforts the women were to perform a coordinated local dance to entertain us . The program was scheduled to be held in the first half of the day and despite our best efforts we were delayed and could reach only by 4.30 pm. In spite of this delay, I was stunned to see all the women still waiting for us patiently in the hot sun. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they greeted and cheered us. The dance performance was brilliant, and each one of them, had a genuine appreciative smile for us, as they returned back home late that evening. All this, because we had impacted their lives in some way. Personally this was a very emotional and touching moment for me.

Though I didn’t realize it then that evening was a defining moment for me where the seed for Conexus was sown. I believe that when one gives genuine care, support and commitment, the positive impact that it has on peoples’ lives and the love and blessings one receives as rewards is invaluable. This is the wealth one must create!

Social Responsibility is a culture, a value that touches lives and makes a difference. To achieve this there has to be focus, effective use of resources, efficiency in implementation, planning & monitoring, evaluation and assessment.

Government’s efforts in education, health & environment need to be substantially supported by corporates and aware individual citizens for a sustainable future and inclusive growth. There is a pressing need for skill development and community service. Committed professionals are required to fulfil these needs and create impact.

On a personal note, I want to attract right talent and motivate young people to work and manage resources in the Social Responsibility space.

Conexus is a humble initiative started by me and supported by some very highly knowledgeable and well known personalities. We at Conexus want to bring in professional services in the Social Responsibility space, and ensure that every rupee is well spent for a positive impact.