The movement towards intrinsic Corporate Social Responsibility has made the opportunity of creating Social Impact relevant to businesses apparent. It has also exhibited ways to engage stakeholders, generate goodwill and successfully impacted core business values.

Conexus is a leader in enabling organizations to conduct their Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Providing tailor-made CSR solutions to corporates, Conexus allows them to steer their vision

Supported by wealth of knowledge, Conexus deploys expertise collectively gained over last four decades in leading and managing large organizations across industry sectors. We endeavor to provide most impactful and effective CSR, Personal Social Equity, Advisory and Implementation services. We offer services to small & medium businesses as well as large corporations, individuals and civic bodies.

For organizations in emerging markets decision about engaging in Social Responsibility is not only imperative but crucial. These decisions mean leveraging valuable resources and initiating sincere actions for achieving multiple results:

Assured Positive Social Impact
Satisfaction of All Stakeholders
Time Bound Engagement
Measurable and Sustainable Impact


We aim to achieve impactful & sustainable results in social responsibility space. We will passionately engage with all stakeholders and ensure application of efficient processes, with effective use of knowledge and innovation, leading to enriched communities and enhanced brand image of the organizations and individuals.


To reach a leadership position in social responsibility services to individuals, communities and corporates by 2025.


We believe in evolving continuously in an overarching culture of:
  • Creativity & Innovation: We allow flow of creative expression and ideation in all our interactions within teams and with our clients to bring innovative solutions & processes in all our service offerings.

  • Engaged Stakeholders: We believe ‘participation’ is a development process and would urge stakeholders' involvement to bring in ownership and shared commitment.

  • Empathetic Teams:We acknowledge and respect variety of perspectives that individuals bring to build a competent and compassionate work environment.

  • Transparency & Integrity: We endorse a culture of openness and honesty. We shall act and take decisions in a manner that are fair and follow the highest standards of professionalism.

  • Result Driven:: We define our success by being focused and goal directed on the systematic progress path toward wealth generation, enriched communities and sustainable environment.