The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) has come out with its own set of guidelines which is a mandate that each PSE has to follow. The guidelines came into effect on 01st April 2013.

The confusion between CSR & Sustainability and the activities/ inititiaives steered under them are addressed so as to compliment business needs and social development.
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The Equator Principles is a financial industry benchmark for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects.Equator Principles (“EPs”), a private code of conduct adopted by 80 financial institutions globally, released a revised version – EPIII that significantly upgrades the banks’ commitments to corporate social responsibility, including human rights, climate change and transparency.

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The National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economical Responsibilities of Business being brought out by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs & IICA will strengthen this Indian tradition and the Indian corporate sector will evolve into a global leader in responsible business.

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After years of deliberation, back & forth discussions on various platforms, India Inc. gets its new set of guidelines to run and report businesses in a more ethical & transparent manner. To know further kindly download the The Companies Act, 2013

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs after extensive ground work has amended the Schedule VII applicable to the companies looking to support various developmental causes thereby widening their scope of interventions by adding arts, hertiage conservation and supporting sports also in the earlier list.

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The hugely debated and repeatedly mulled over CSR Rules are finally out. It offers clarity on the kind of engagement that is needed by companies at the top management to implement effective CSR that is also impactful

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Maharashtra biggest beneficiary of CSR projects in 2016-17

The Indian Express / 09 Apr 2018

The data shows, that in Maharashtra alone, 1,869 listed firms have spent Rs 702.36 crore through CSR projects.

CSR gets innovative with street plays for truck drivers, stock exchange bells for women

Economic Times / 02 Apr 2018

The trend is catching up fast and several companies have come up with innovative ideas to meet their CSR targets.

HCL Tech commits Rs 160 crore investment under CSR activity

Economic Times / 21 Mar 2018

The company has adopted 700 villages in Uttar Pradesh where it is providing medical facility, power, agricultural tools and technology to the villagers.

Anand Mahindra ‘rises’ for a good cause

Economic Times / 24 Jan 2018

When The Rise Fund was created, its three founders were joined by a group of influential thought leaders with a deep personal and professional commitment to driving social and environmental progress

National CSR Data Portal and Corporate Data Portal launched by India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Open Govt. Asia / 22 Jan 2018

The National CSR Data Portal will act as a one-stop platform for dissemination of information on CSR expenditure made by companies

8% increase in corporate spending on CSR

Economic Times / 18 Jan 2018

During the current year, 81 of the 100 companies disclosed they have undertaken an impact assessment, up from 59 companies in FY16.

187 companies face penal action for CSR violations: PP Chaudhary

Economic Times / 27 Dec 2017

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has accorded permission for penal action... for 187 companies for the financial year 2014-15 for violation of the CSR provisions, Union Minister PP Chaudhary said